Army FPS Shooting

Army FPS Shooting

Soldier! The enemy bases need to be taken down. Around the globe are multiple enemy bases where dangerous weapons are created. The rebels threaten to wipe out the entire humanity. Your mission: go to every location and kill the rebels before it is too late.

Game Controls:

• WASD to move

• Mouse 0 to attack/ + left shift heavy attack

• Mouse 1 to block

• Left Shift to toggle run/ +attack use heavy attack

• X to cancel trigger & cancel ledge/ drop weapons

• C to crouch

• Q to jump

• Space to dive roll

• 1 for sword & shield

• 2 for two handed weapon

• 3 for bow

• 4 for dual weapon

• E to use/ take

• L to take secondary

• G to draw/ sheathe weapon

• X to drop unwieldy weapons

• Tab to pause.